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Queen City History & Education Ltd. celebrates the City of Cincinnati through Tours, Lectures & Educational Seminars and the sale and publication of original written works such as the award-winning "Over-the-Rhine: When Beer Was King." Some of what we do is quite serious, but we touch the most people through experiences designed to bring our rich local history alive in fun and entertaining ways. Most notably, our walking tours depart from Arnold's Bar & Grill almost every weekend throughout the summer and they will transform your perception of Cincinnati by exploring the city's notorious and colorful past.

Why Choose Queen City History Tours?

There are several walking tours now available in Cincinnati but ours provide a unique experience for several reasons. First are the guides. Tours can be one of the most informative and fun ways to explore a city - whether you are visiting or have lived there all your life - but how enjoyable a tour experience is depends primarily on the work that has gone into creating the tour and the guides that are entrusted with your time. Our tours are designed by Michael Morgan, the author of "Over-the-Rhine: When Beer Was King" and a book about Arnold's Bar & Grill that is planned to be released in late 2012. That lets our tours be based on primary source materials and inside knowledge that you will not hear anywhere else. In fact, Morgan gives many of the tours personally, and all guides are carefully selected for both knowledge and delivery. Our tours are informative, fun, and guaranteed to be cheese-free.

Also, a percentage of proceeds of all tours goes to the Brewery District CURC, a non-profit that supports the redevelopment of the northern portion of Over-the-Rhine and the preservation and restoration of Cincinnati's physical and cultural brewing heritage.


Historic Photos from the Collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.
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